Story 31

Hashi, (she, her, hers), 35, from Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

What are the most significant changes in your life due to the global pandemic?
Time spent outdoors. This part of my life was very active before Covid-19, but after the pandemic, it has significantly reduced. Another transition is having my husband at home 24/7 , We now have time for long conversations.

What are you most grateful for despite being a part of the global pandemic?
I’m grateful that I’ve valued spirituality above all else in my life and that makes me appreciate adversity and see it as a necessary human experience. I’m thankful for family and friends from Sri Lanka. I am also grateful for my husband who is an endearing lock-down partner, and also my fur baby, Ceylon, who has been a champ through this entire ordeal.

What are you most looking forward to after this pandemic is over?
I really want to watch a theater production, but I’m not entirely sure if that would even be possible.

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