Story 28

Photo by K I L I A N 📷 on Unsplash

Ipsita, (she, her, hers), 38, from Navi Mumbai, India

What are the most significant changes in your life due to the global pandemic?
No significant changes as such. But I have been estranged from my father which has been very difficult to handle emotionally. Also in case of any emergency, one really does not know now what to do. If someone has a broken gadget, there is no one to repair; so many people have damaged phones or computers and no means of communication; someone I know has a broken fridge, some others have air conditioners which need repairs. They are all helpless. If someone is ill, even doctors are afraid to call them in. Something you wish to purchase is not always available. It is a very difficult time for all.

What are you most grateful for despite being a part of the global pandemic?
Family time, I guess. And the fact that me and loved ones are healthy and still have food on our plate.

What are you most looking forward to after this pandemic is over?
I wish to go meet my widower father and spend much-needed time with him. Also I need to urgently visit my recently deceased mother’s home in Kolkata for very urgent work which has been delayed because of the pandemic. This has been deeply disturbing for me.

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