Story 25

Amrita, (she, her, hers), 36, from Kolkata, India

What are the most significant changes in your life due to the global pandemic?
Work from home (conducting online classes for the first time which was earlier a bizarre concept in Kolkata), life style change to a certain extent (tending towards a more disciplined life), becoming more health conscious and depending more on indigenous foods and recipes, and spending quality time with family members.

What are you most grateful for despite being a part of the global pandemic?
COVID-19 has given me an opportunity for self introspection. It has also brought me closer to nature. The global pandemic has enabled me to nurture my old hobbies, sewing, making handicrafts with paper, and cooking authentic Bengali meals.

What are you most looking forward to after this pandemic is over?
I am looking forward to a harmonious world in spite of all the differences and oddities.
I am hoping for a greener earth where all the living beings coexist peacefully.
I am aspiring to live life in the truest sense instead of running after so called ‘success’.

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